The Chill in the Bones

Both the mystics and the minds of science have

insisted that the species Sapiens must co-operate

or else perish its way into blackest oblivion.


I wholeheartedly agree – but what if one, by mere

stroke of luck or circumstance, is unable to be

a stable and permanent part of club or community?


He/she can bear the paralysing chill of loneliness

in their bones with the hope that when the social

season does come it will be happy and genuinely so.


Because the warmth of camaraderie so arduously

attained, so dearly bought will not be taken for

granted. Will be, rather, treasured in perpetuity.


Unable to be a Stable and Permanent Part of Club or Community


Warmth of Camaraderie



2 thoughts on “The Chill in the Bones

  1. As we are herd animals there is nothing worse than being rejected by the herd. Isolation is the cruelest of prison punishments. Yet, hermits, who choose to reject the herd and live in their own isolation and who, it seems, have always been with us, are not just satisfied but are sought after as being more enlightened than others. It is rare that a hermit renounces his choice and returns to society. Perhaps Satre was wise in his statement “hell is other people”. Expectations, judgements, favors, reciprocations. How much of your precious time is given to others and what is the return?
    The black sheep returned to the fold and enfolded into the herd. If such is the wandering one’s desire, it would indeed be “treasured in perpetuity” and nicely said.

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