A Database of Errors

Within a spreadsheet of neat rows and columns,

with clear date and day, definite time and tide –


deeds that should not have been done and

not-deeds that should have been,

words that should not have been spoken and

not-words that should have been –


are too indelibly etched. Any moment

details of surfaces upon which I have

slipped and stuff that I have happened to

spill are accessible, retrievable.

Capable of being scrutinised, analysed.


It may seem a burden, a veritable source

of shame. But should this database

be (even slightly) doctored, deleted,

I know I shall


my chances of attaining all that is

considered perfect,



Complete I am,

disposed to growing

whole and strong,

as long as I am aware

of how incomplete

I have been.



Surfaces Upon Which I Have Slipped


Stuff That I Have Happened To Spill




4 thoughts on “A Database of Errors

  1. Sigh. 🙂 I can relate.
    If you believe in astrology, what’s your star sign? Just curious cause this kind of thinking is quite interesting.


      1. Uh oh. That’s why the need to be in control always. 😛
        Striving for the profound is admirable, but I think perfection is illusory as there is always scope to improve.

        Liked by 1 person

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