Colour, Just Colour

Do you ever dream of

colour, just colour?


Red and Green

and Yellow.

Blue, Orange.




Right in your eyes.

And probably nose

and ears and



Hue upon hue

Coming –

Curling –


Shade after shade

Running –

Rotating –


Exploding. Ecstatic.


As spirits intoxicating

become the serum

pulsating through








Coming – Curling –


The Serum Pulsating Through




2 thoughts on “Colour, Just Colour

  1. I once had a bedroom with a fake wood panel wall. Thinks ‘Three walls…three primaries…’ So I painted the other walls with the strongest vermillion, daffodil yellow and ultramarine high gloss enamel paint I could find. I used to lie on my bed in the dark and mix the colours on the white ceiling by shining a torch into the top corners of my room. My bed was against the largest unbroken wall which I had painted in vermillion. I never had one decent night’s sleep in that room – even in the dark I could feel the intense heat coming off that wall. Now I understand why people paint the interior of their homes in pretty pastels.

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