True Connoisseur

A true connoisseur does

not smirk at a proposed

specimen of artwork


merely because it consists

of splotches and scribbles

in paint or pencil.


Who knows – the lack

of essence, the absence

of shape could very well be


an exact and honest

rendition of someone’s living

of life. Their breathing of air.



Someone’s Living of Life


Their Breathing of Air



Image Credit:

Featured: Scribble by User “Nbibby”, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons



4 thoughts on “True Connoisseur

    1. That is exactly what I have always done…And, as a result, have been too quick to reject stuff that does not align with my “standards” of beauty/order/form/meaning. I wrote this poem to “humble” myself a little, to try to see from another person’s point of view, develop a little empathy.


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