Projection, Permission

Sometimes, I feel I am

the determiner-arbiter sole

of other people’s behaviour

towards and reactions to me.

Through action and speech,

clumsiness or control

alone, I allow them to exalt,

condemn; approve, disagree.


An indication of

neediness slight,

the briefest display

of vulnerability,

and to unleash an

overweening might

they’ve seized

the opportunity.


But project a self-contained form and face,

expose a soul comprised of structures steely,

and you permit them to-think-a-thousand-times-before-they-spew the littlest trace

of a humiliation, really.








4 thoughts on “Projection, Permission

      1. It’s tiring to keep your guard up all the time, though. Also, when you allow these verbal attacks it is easier to size the person up pretty quickly, which is more useful I think in dealing with them effectively. So, in the former, you avoid the affront, in the latter, you have the opportunity to correct it.
        I try to practice the former, but end up dealing with the latter, sometimes failing miserably.

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